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  • Bass Player

Tay Fischer

LØLØ, Scene Queen, Softcult, Doll Skin, and Honey Revenge

Tay (they / them) is a Los Angeles based bass player for hire. Originating from Orange County, they found themselves heavily involved in the local music scene throughout their teens. This later inspired them to pursue music professionally and make the big move up to LA. Their passion for several genres bled through as they played with several artists that varied between influences. These artists included: Doll Skin, Softcult, LØLØ, Scene Queen, and Honey Revenge. 

Tay has been seen consistently on the road since 2021. They had kicked off touring with Doll Skin where they traveled with them around the UK and US with acts such as Neck Deep, Less Than Jake, Bowling For Soup, and even performed at Slam Dunk weekend. 

Tay had joined Scene Queen for her live performance debut for her sold out Bimbocore release party. You can find Tay also making an appearance on bass in her ‘18+’ music video, which comments on predatory behavior in the music scene and industry. 

Tay has previously gone out with Softcult on a US tour supporting Teenage Wrists, and did a brief run as a part of LØLØ’s live lineup opening for Hoodie Allen. 

Most recently, Tay has done a couple of tours with Honey Revenge supporting the likes of The Home Team, Broadside, and Loveless. This also includes a couple one off shows with State Champs, Eidola, and Rain City Drive.  

Tay has accomplished all this within two years of touring professionally, so their journey is only getting started. 

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1000-watt Bass Amplifier with Tube Preamp

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